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Turn your septic tank into a treatment super plant.

If your house or business is not connected to the sewerage network, ABG is for you. Keep you septic system optimally functioning and enjoy the financial and health benefits of properly oxygenated and treated water.

Breathe Enjoyably
Breathe enjoyably

ABG eliminates the unpleasant smells produced by untreated solids by oxygenating wastewater.

Quality Water
Quality water

ABG produces high quality treated wastewater usable for irrigation.

Live On Cleaner And Healthier Land
Live on cleaner and healthier land

ABG improves wetlands’ drainage and absorption capacity and prevents contamination of ground water and land by floods and/or inadequate filtration.

Recharge Your System
Recharge your system

ABG repairs and improves your system’s effectivenss immediately, without added cost..

Save In Maintenance
Save in maintenance

ABG degrades solids quickly and significantly reduces the need for tank cleaning.

Maintain System's Functionality
Maintain system's functionality

ABG technology does away with obstructions, spillage and improper drainage

ABG is the first system that oxygenates, degrades and clarifies wastewater. It is specifically designed to produce cleaner and safer water in septic tank of individual homes, residential complexes and businesses. And, it is really simple to install.

ABG is for everyone

Tanto si eres dueño de una vivienda, plomero, constructor, arquitecto, contratista o empresario, ABG te ayuda a crear u optimizar un sistema séptico en menos espacio y en cualquier tipo de suelo. Descubre ABG en palabras de usuarios.

Mercedes García

El Chiringuito Hotel
From an operational perspective, ABG solves many situations because we not only treat water correctly, but we can also use it for irrigation. And we can help the environment at the same time.

Charles Hawthorne Flaherty

Its maintenance is very easy, it is practically unnecessary. Its impact in costs is extremely low, much lower than that of any other system. In terms of environmental impact, ABG is the only option.

Nico y Marc

Los Amigos Tulum
Thanks to ABG we know there is a right way to treat water and reuse it in our gardens. The water is clearer and we aren’t impacting the environment negatively.

Barbara y Bill Frame

Frame’s home
We installed the ABG about three years ago. Since then, there are no unpleasant odors and there is no need of maintenance.The cost of ABG was lower compared to the installation of the original system.

Our planet also needs ABG

Environmental authorities recommend ABG oxygenation of residual water due to its significant improvement of water quality. ABG optimizes septic systems’ function by improving the surrounding environment, reducing the environmental footprint and maintaining a balance with the ecosystem.

Recupera Tu Sistema

ABG prevents oxygen-starved water from contaminating underground waters and deep wells.

Recupera Tu Sistema

ABG stop soil contamination by preventing clogs resulting from surface filtration that flood the ground with odorous and toxic waters.

Recupera Tu Sistema

ABG saves water by reusing treated wastewater for irrigation.

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